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You and your friends have an evening free together. Normally you get together to roleplay, but your gamemaster doesn't have anything prepared. You could just hang out, or play some other kind of game, but you really want to roleplay. What can you do?

Roleplay anyway.

StoryCards is a roleplaying game that can be played from start to end in four hours, with no prior preparation. It uses a special deck of cards to inspire creativity, enabling you to create richly detailed characters and adventures in less than an hour, for any setting you can imagine. And it uses minimalistic, common-sense rules to keep the adventure moving quickly.

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StoryCards was a runner up for 2008 Indie Game of the Year.
More than just a role-playing game

StoryCards is more than just a roleplaying game which uses a special set of cards. It's a different way of thinking about roleplaying.

The cards are inspirational tools which can be used in any game, any genre. As a gamemaster, you can flesh out complex NPCs in a few minutes with rich personality, goals, and backstory. As a player you can use them to create new characters, or bring life to your old two-dimensional heroes. Both gamemaster and players can use them for quick inspiration during play, and even allow the players to tweak the storyline.

If you want to infuse creative energy into your roleplaying games, become inspired by StoryCards, and take your story in a new direction.
How can I get StoryCards?
Order StoryCards decks through our publisher here: Dogtown Games

Use the links below to download the latest StoryCards manual. It's free.

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