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What is StoryCards?

StoryCards is a roleplaying game that uses a specialized deck of cards to boost your creativity, so you can quickly create detailed characters and adventures. You can play in any setting you can imagine, or even use the random genre table to come up with a setting you never expected. The rules are simple and streamlined for ease of play.

For more information, download the free StoryCards manual from our homepage.

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What's so great about StoryCards?

StoryCards makes you more creative:

  • Full card readings provide inspiration for characters and adventures.
  • Single-card readings inspire resolution of any given situation.
  • Genre table helps you quickly invent your own mashup adventure settings.

StoryCards makes roleplaying quick and easy:

  • Characters have only four attributes: Strength, Intellect, Will, and Dexterity.
  • Action resolution uses simple, common-sense mechanics.
  • Combat sequence streamlines play.

StoryCards is infinitely flexible:

  • Supports five mood levels from Whimsical to Dire.
  • Supports four power levels from Juvenile to Super.
  • Characters can have any skill or power you want.

StoryCards is cooperative:

  • All the players design the setting together.
  • Fortune cards let players influence the story.
  • Fortune cards also let players help each other perform actions.

StoryCards are pretty to look at!

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How can I play StoryCards?

You can check the Events section of this website to find out upcoming conventions where StoryCards events will be run. Playtest events have already received enthusiastic response at GenCon Indy (three years running!) and Protospiel.

If you are ever in the Indianapolis area, contact me (carl[at sign]phos[dot]net) and I'll happily run a StoryCards session for you!

Our current plan is for all deck purchases to be made via this website, or directly in person when possible. The manual is online as a free PDF.

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Who created StoryCards?

StoryCards was designed by Carl Klutzke, aka Sirvalence.

He had tremendous amounts of help from Scotto Starkey, aka Yekrats, of Dogtown Games.

The graphic design is courtesy of Carl's lovely and talented wife, Karen Klutzke, aka Bushi7, who cannot be adequately compensated for her efforts and patience.

The wonderful card illustrations were created by Jeff Ward of Stungeon Studios.

The nifty StoryCards ambigram logo was designed by Kevin Pease of Absurd Notions.

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StoryCards FAQ 1.2, © 2007 by Carl Klutzke

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